Community Support Program – Iftar Drive
Category: Past Events
Published on: June 6, 2018

Ramadan is a month of forgiveness and blessings. Each year, a group of individuals participate in many charitable causes especially in iftar drives where they distribute food amongst the needy community.
Bahria University Islamabad conducted an Iftar Drive in the university premises for its staff members on Thursday, 24th May’ 2018. CSP club members and students from different departments participated in this program. Iftar and dinner was organized for about 200 people in total.
The students came forward and helped in preparing and distributing iftar to the lower staff. The faculty café was where all participant students gathered in preparing the food items. The room was filled with delight and everyone joyously ran errands. Female students helped in slicing fruits and making packs of food. A mat was laid out outside the mosque of the university. The male volunteers helped in assembling the food on the trays and serving them to staff members. After iftar, males offered their prayer with the staff members in the mosque whilst the females prayed in their segregated enclosure.
A group photo was captured to commend the hard work and efforts of the students.