Clean Margalla Drive’ 18
Category: Past Events
Published on: April 25, 2018

The Student Support Centre organized a Trail Cleaning Drive at Trail 5 on 21st April, 18. Some members of the Bahria University Alumni Association (BUAA) also participated in the drive. A group of enthusiastic students from CS- 6 semester and IR- 5 semester volunteered for the drive along with some CSP Club members. The activity intended to increase litter consciousness and encouraged litter reduction and proper garbage disposal amongst our students.

The students gathered in front of the trail where they met with the BUAA team. The President of BUAA addressed the students and briefed them about the activity. Before the initiation of the drive, water bottles, gloves and garbage collection bags were distributed to the students.

The students were then divided into teams and the litter collection activity started. It was a two-hour activity in which the students actively participated. At the end of the drive, lunch was provided to everyone and a group photo was taken to make the event memorable.

At the end, everyone promised to get involved and promote Anti- Littering by taking responsibility to get involved in community clean ups, place garbage in containers with lids, recycling and donating unwanted items. The intent was to support and enhance the wonderful efforts of our city to keep it beautiful.