Ch Waseem Fazal
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Published on: May 5, 2016

waseem fazalDegree: MCS

Batch: 1999-2001

Ch Waseem Fazal is the President and CTO of AKSA-SDS, one of the leading organizations in software and hardware product development, in Pakistan. A remarkably talented, growth-oriented technology executive affiliated with the company for almost 16 years. He was enrolled in MSC Computers at Bahria that helped him enhance his dimensions in the field of computing while developing skills of handling such huge responsibilities and the passion to advance the technology initiatives that specifically enable the active collaboration and connection between individuals, teams and businesses. It’s difficult to sum up what he has achieved from being Managing Director for 11 years and now the President for the last 4 years. He truly is a source of inspiration for all the freshmen’s in the field of information technology.