Dr. Hina Waheed

Dr. Hina Waheed Graduated from BUMDC in 2013 completed her FCPS-II training in Peads Medicine and passed her Part 2 exam to become a consultant. Currently she is working in CMH RAWALPINDI and also doing 2nd Fellowship in paeds Cardiology.  

Dr. Shahmeer Khan

Dr. Shahmeer Khan Graduated from BUMDC in 2013 completed his FCPS- II training in Radiology from AGHA KHAN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL and passed his part 2 exam, now working as INSTRUCTOR RADIOLOGY in Agha University Hospital Karachi. He wants to pursue his career in interventional Radiology.

Dr. Zulqarnain Haider

Dr. Zulqarnain Haider Graduated From BUMDC and completed his FCPS-II training in GENERAL and passed his part 2 exam, currently working as a Senior Registrar in GULAB DEVI HOSPITAL Lahore.  

Captain Dr. Hassan Munir

Captain Dr. Hassan Munir Graduated in 2014, Got commission in Pak Army and during his training in Pakistan Military Academy lifted the CANE OF HONOR. Currently serving in Pakistan Army as Captain.

Dr. Maryam Irshad

Dr. Maryam Irshad Graduated in 2014 from BUMDC, was declared as BEST GRDUATE of the year and awarded GOLD MEDAL, received 9 distinctions and certificates of merit. She is currently working as Fellow Cardiology at Tabba Heart Institute Karachi (FCPS II). She is passionate about pursuing her career in field of Interventional Cardiology.

Dr. Farah Javaid

Dr. Farah Javaid Completed her graduation from BUMDC in 2016.In 2018 she started working as Registrar in the department of Prosthodontics at BUMDC and got promoted to the designation of Senior Registrar in 2020. Currently she has passed the GAT exam and is passionate to pursue her post- graduation in Masters in Health Profession Education … Continue reading Dr. Farah Javaid

Dr. Safia Anwar

Dr. Safia Anwar Graduated from BUMDC in 2016 and was awarded a silver medal. Dr. Safia is currently a 2nd year resident in the department of Operative Dentistry at Fatimah Jinnah Dental College for her training for FCPS part II. Dr. Safia actively participated in declamation and quiz competitions, sports and social causes. Her message … Continue reading Dr. Safia Anwar

Dr. Affaf Fatima

Dr. Affaf Fatima: Graduated in 2016 from BUMDC and was declared the best graduate of the year. She was awarded a Gold medal and received 9 distinctions and 8 certificates of merit. She is currently working as a Chief Resident in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at PNS SHIFA for her FCPS part II training. She … Continue reading Dr. Affaf Fatima