Research Publications Policy
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Published on: January 19, 2016

Revised Cash Awards Policy for Publication of Research Papers / Books For Faculty & Students

Policy Number:                   BUORIC-P01

Effective Date:                     7th May, 2013

Amendment Date:              11th January, 2016

Policy Title:                          Cash Awards for Publication of Research Papers/Books

Approval Authority:           Competent Authority & HERC


Responsible Party:

  • Higher Education & Research Committee (HERC)
  • Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC)


  • To promote the research culture at Bahria University by enhancing the research publications by the faculty and student of BU.
  • The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan publishes, each year, the annual research output of the universities in which HEC ranks the universities on the basis of the research papers published under their university names in HEC Recognized Journals (included ISI-Indexed Impact Factor Journals).
  • HEC every year retrieves the number of ISI-Indexed Impact Factor research papers published by the faculty members of the universities through ISI-Web of Knowledge.
  • For the purpose of enhancing the annual research output of Bahria University, a policy on cash awards have been duly approved and implemented.

Scope: All BU researchers / faculty members and Scholars / Students of MS/MPhil & PhD can apply for this award. 


Policy Statement:

Cash Award will be given to the research publication in the following categories:

  1. ISI Indexed with Impact Factor Journal Publication                   50,000/-
  2. ISI Indexed without Impact Factor Journal Publication             25,000/-
  3. Book Publication (subject to the verification from HEC)            25,000/-
  4. HEC Recognized local/Pakistani Journal                                        10,000/-

(X, Y & Z Category Journals)

(Note: There shall be Cash Award for the publications in BU journals which are HEC recognized only).

  • Students/Scholars of MS/MPhil & PhD programs at BU can also apply for the cash awards if they publish books and research papers in the above mentioned journals in future. However, for PhD Scholars, Cash Award shall be given to the publications which are subsequent to their mandatory research paper degree requirement.
  • The revised policy for Cash Award for HEC Recognized local/Pakistani journals and Cash Awards for Students/Scholars of MS/MPhil & PhD programs will be applicable on the publications e.f. 11th January, 2016 onwards. Furthermore, for a particular publication, only one author from BU will be eligible to apply.



  • Completely filled Cash Award Application Form (Form No. BUORIC-F01-A & Form No. BUORIC-F01-B ) supported with all the requisite documents duly endorsed by the respective Director / Principal Campuses / Institutes / Colleges shall be submitted to the Directorate of Quality Assurance for initial scrutiny and verification which will then be processed on file for the approval of the Competent Authority.


Application Form for Journal Publication:      Form No. BUORIC-F01-A

Cash Award Application Form for Journal updated Jan 16

Application Form for Book Publication:          Form No. BUORIC-F01-B

Cash Award Application Form for Book updated Jan 16       

HEC Proforma for verification and equivalence of Book

HEC Proforma for Form No. BUORIC-F01-B