Career Services

The main and core function of this department is to provide opportunity and help the students in getting an Internship & Jobs which is university requirement for the issuance of degree. This department is also responsible for issuance of recommendation letter to the students to apply for the internship with the help of recommendation from university. It will act as a bridge between the world of work and the academic environment.

We wish to commit ourselves to offering and exceptional level of service to both students and employers. It operates year-round to facilitate with the said services include, but are not limited to assisting employers, student and alumni in scheduling interviews, comprehensive resume review, create opportunities for internships, career fairs, project exhibitions & compiling and disseminating relevant organizational and job related data to graduates.

We also assist in coordinating employer visits to our campus which translates into positive public relations for the companies. Likewise, this type of interaction provides students with exposure to workplace in respective industries.


Internships & Job Placements

The Students Resource Center markets the graduates of Bahria University, Lahore Campus to potential employers thus finding good jobs for them. Students Resource Center finds jobs for students by personally meeting the potential employers and also through mail correspondence. We also hold Job Fairs at the Campus in every semester where the students and potential employers are given an opportunity to interact with each other. Job Fairs play an important role in job placement of our graduating students.