Students Resource Centre  –  SRC


To provide the student an Opportunity To Lead And Learn To Be a Great Team Player BY Giving THEM Opportunities to Arrange Different Curricular And Extra Curricular Activities, Which Makes them Globally Competitive, Morally Upright and Disciplined individuals


  • The Student Resource Centre is to provide the students with opportunities in both curricular and co curricular areas which will help them in better realizing their potentials and talents and enhance their leadership skills.
  • We achieve our objective by providing coordination for arranging seminars, guest speaker sessions cultural and entertainment events. We also act as the noodle point for interaction of our university with the corporate sector and business world to coordinate various placement and internship activities for our students.
  • Members of the SRC work hard against the image that a student is only made for the books. The very first duty of the youth today is to build our country and carry it responsibly on its shoulders.
  • It serves as the platform for coordinating the contact between the university and its alumni through maintaining a data base on their whereabouts and periodically arranging their meetings and re-unions.