Dr. Syed Khurram Ali Jafri
Category: Faculty August 22, 2017
Name Dr. Syed Khurram Ali Jafri
Email skhurram.bulc@bahria.edu.pk
Phone  (Ext):244
Research Area Technology Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Knowledge Management
Number of Publications 11 Publications and 6 Conference Papers
Designation Senior Associate Professor
Department Management Sciences
University Bahria University Lahore Campus
2015  Management, Entrepreneurship University Technology Malaysia
M.S. 2009 Knowledge Management Blekinge Institute of Technology
MBA 1995 Marketing Hamdard University
B COM 1992 Banking and Finance Punjab University
Assistant Professor/ Chair Department of Entrepreneurship  2015 2017 Effat University
 Assistant Professor 2002  2015 COMSATS
Lecturer  2000  2002 Beacon house Informatics
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