BULC Media Fest 2018
Category: News & Events April 17, 2018

Submit your entries at the following links:

Vine Entry Submission

Poster Design Entry Submission

Photography Entry Submission

Dubsmash Entry Submission


BULC MEDIA FEST 2018 – 03 May 2018

BULC Media Club is organizing Media Fest 2018 on 03 May 2018. Students can participate by submitting entries in the following categories:

Category                                  Theme

Photography                            Night Life
Vine                                           Any motivational/inspirational topic
Poster Design                          Global Warming
Dubsmash                                Any topic


The last date for submission is 28 Apr 18.


Rules and Regulations


  • Only individual participation is allowed.
  • Each participant must submit at least 3 photographs
  • There is no specific requirement for camera equipment for the photograph.
  • Photographs will be selected based on originality, relevance, and creativity.
  • Participants must submit original photograph digital file with metadata/ EXIF information.



  • Individual as well as team participation (up to 5 members) is allowed.
  • Vine should be between 1 to 2 minutes in length.
  • Equipment, as well as editing software information, must be submitted along with the entry.
  • Students can request SRC to use university’s camera during office hours within campus vicinity.
  • Vine will be selected based on camera work, audio, length of Vine and strength of content.

Poster Design:

  • Size of the poster must be at least 1000 x 1000 pixels.
  • Only individual participation is allowed.
  • The original working file must be submitted for entry in the competition.
  • Posters will be selected on the basis of creativity, relevance and its pitch.


  • Dubsmash should not be longer than 1 minute.
  • Vulgar or inappropriate content is not acceptable.



All the entries will be uploaded to social media on 29 Apr 18. Vines and Dubsmashes will be uploaded to BULC Youtube Channel. Photographs will be uploaded to BULC Instagram and Posters will be uploaded to BULC Facebook account. Entries with the most likes in each category will win the contest. Deadline for voting will be 11:59PM on 1 May 18. Only those like will be valid which will have followed/liked the social media page as well. This will lead to increased visibility of BULC’s social media platform as well.