Workshop on Robotics HB
Category: News Archive, Past Events September 26, 2017
Last updated on November 21st, 2017

Bahria Society of Robotics (BSR) organized a workshop on “Robotics”, in collaboration with Bahria Innovative & Technological Society (BITS) and IEEE students’ branch, BUKC; on 22nd September 2017, Friday, from 1430-1630 at Fatima Jinnah Hall.

The workshop was comprised of two sessions;

The first session was designed to educate the new intake students about the roles and hierarchy of each society i.e BSR, BITS and IEEE, BUKC chapter. The societies were introduced by their respective presidents Mr. Rahil (BEE) and Mr. Usman (BCE).

The second session was a technical session and students were given the knowledge, guidelines and useful tips they should know while building small level robots and drone. Following are the topics

  1. “Building a Line Following Robot” by Zeeshan Sarwar, BEE
  2. “Basics of LFR programming” by Furqan Asghar, BSE
  3. “Building an unmanned vehicle (Drone)” by Umair Shakir, BEE

The workshop was organized by Engr. Bushra Aijaz, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Department.

The workshop on Robotics was proved to be energetic and learning for the Engineering students.

The “demonstration of drone” video is attached in the email along with the pictures of workshop.

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