Visit to State Bank of Pakistan Museum
Category: News Archive, Past Events April 18, 2019
Last updated on July 19th, 2019

A visit to State Bank of Pakistan Museum has been arranged for the students of BS 1 (E&F) and (MB&M) on 13th of April, 2019. Visit was organized by the subject instructor Ms. Farah Naz, IT Skills. This trip was planned keeping in view the importance of the fast growing sectors of Pakistan i.e. Banking and IT sectors. On this trip, along with the the history of SBP, students have learned how Information Technology has become the backbone of modern banking system. Students have observed the transformation of monetary system from ancient coins to digital currency. Detection of fake currency notes through different software supported machines, Currency creation etc. Moreover students were also guided regarding the SBP library and the online economic data access for the academic purposes. Students took keen interest in the session and asked different questions regarding the historical monetary system, and the role of IT in the modern banking system.