Visit to Animal Shelter Home
Category: News Archive, Past Events October 9, 2020
Last updated on November 4th, 2020
Bahria University Karachi Campus, Student Support Centre visited Edhi Shelter Home of animals under the umbrella of Community Support Program – CSP on Monday, 5th October 2020. The total number of students were 28 from all different departments of BUKC and 5 hours were given against the activity.
Animals have been our pals since the earliest human time and there was unanimity between them. However, today, the concept of animal love is dead in humans. To relive that concept, visit to animal shelter home was arranged.
Indeed, animals also want love as much as we do; students learned and gained the ability to understand their feelings during their visit.
“One has never lived if one hasn’t loved an Animal.”
Children are naturally sympathetic towards animals. In the contemporary world urban kids seldom get the chance to interact with animals as it nurtures the child’s caring behavior by taking them to a shelter home where they can meet animals of different species, including rescued farm animals.
Students also voluntarily arranged animal food and built positive interaction with those abandoned/street animals. COVID19 SOPs were followed strictly during the entire activity.
Please visit the following link of the Community Support Program: