Last updated on January 14th, 2021
Quotations And Tenders Details Advertised Date Closing Date
Telephone UG/Armed Cable 13-Jan-2021 01-Feb-2021
Digging of Bores Different Areas 12-Jan-2021 25-Jan-2021
Repair / Maintenance Work at Roof 12-Jan-2021 27-Jan-2021
Manufactures / their authorized distributors / suppliers 09-Dec-2020 29-Dec-2020
Manufactures / their authorized distributors / suppliers 09-Dec-2020 28-Dec-2020
Disposal / Auction Notice 03-Dec-2020 16-Dec-2020
Disposal / Auction Notice 04-Nov-2020 12-Nov-2020
Auction Notice 12-Oct-2020 02-Nov-2020
Printing and Supply of maritime Watch Magazine 27-July-2020 13-Aug-2020
Purchase of Computer System 27-July-2020 13-Aug-2020
Purchase of Computer System, Printer & Scanner 27-July-2020 12-Aug-2020
Purchase of Laptop 27-July-2020 11-Aug-2020
Purchase of Misc Office Items 15-July-2020 23-July-2020
Replacement of Seat Cushions Class Rooms Chairs 01-June-2020 03-June-2020
Replacement of Misc Items / Works for Fatima Jinnah Hall 01-June-2020 04-June-2020
Lab Equipment for Electrical Engineering 24-Apr-2020 17-June-2020
CCTV Cameras Along with Complete System 23-Apr-2020 18-May-2020
Renovation Work of Library Parks / Tutorial Rooms BUKC 17-Mar-2020 31-Mar-2020
Digital Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Dual Power Supply, Desktop Computer 16-Mar-2020 31-Mar-2020
Paver 80mm 1 Feet digging with machine installed 22-Feb-2020 24-Feb-2020
Revolving Chairs for Digital Lab 12-Feb-2020 26-Feb-2020
Installation and commissioning of Water Filtration Plant along with Water Chiller 07-Feb-2020 20-Feb-2020
Civil Work at Entrance Area 04-Feb-2020 17-Feb-2020
Fabrication and Fixing of Wood Paneling 21-Jan-2020 29-Jan-2020
Executive Guest chairs 17-Jan-2020 30-Jan-2020
Printing of Global Management Journal for Academics & Corporate Studies 17-Jan-2020 24-Jan-2020
Uniforms for Security Guards 18-Dec-2019 31-Dec-2019
Photographic Services and Related Material 03-Dec-2019 11-Dec-2019
Printing of Booklets for 16th Convocation BUKC 25-Oct-2019 08-Nov-2019
Printing Material of 16th Convocation 2019 23-Oct-2019 04-Nov-2019
3 Seaters Steel Benches 08-Oct-2019 21-Oct-2019
Tiles, Bond and Labor etc at Baby Day Care BUKC 19-Sep-2019 03-Oct-2019
Routine Service of 365 KVA Diesel Generator 19-Sep-2019 07-Oct-2019
Air Conditions With Installation 05-Sep-2019 12-Sep-2019
SRGP Project 02-Aug-2019 20-Aug-2019
Base Filling with Concrete, Installation of New Tiles with Material 07-July-19 05-Aug-2019
Printing of Bahria University Journal 31-May-19 20-June-2019
Wacom Cintiq PRO (DTH 1620) 16-May-19 31-May-2019
Google Glass Explorer Edition 16-May-19 30-May-2019
original manufactures / authorized distributors / suppliers 06-May-19 22-May-2019
Fabrication of GRP and Alloy cum Iron Sheds for SGs 25-Apr-19 10-May-2019
Stationery Items 24-Apr-19 09-May-2019
Printing of White File Covers 23-Apr-19 06-May-2019
Microbiology Incubator 16-Apr-19 01-May-2019
Refreshment and Lunch / Printing Materials 28-Mar-19 11-Apr-2019
New Back Pulley Machine 90 Kg 02-Apr-19 15-Apr-2019
Electrical Engineering Lab Consumable 01-Apr-19 04-Apr-2019
Refreshment and Lunch / Printing Materials 28-Mar-19 11-Apr-2019
Printing of Answer Sheets “A” & “B” for Exam 14-Feb-19 26-Feb-2019
Satellite Trainer with GPS 08-Feb-19 20-Feb-2019
Journal of Information and Communication Technologies (BUJICT) 31-Jan-19 13-Feb-2019
Laptop 26-Dec-18 01-Jan-2019
Printing of Letter Head and Envelops 15-Dec-18 28-Dec-2018
Printing of Answer Copies “A” for Exam Dept 15-Dec-18 26-Dec-2018
Laser Light Sources and Modules for Machine Vision 22-Nov-18 05-Dec-2018