Engr. Faiz ul haque Zeya
Name Engr. Faiz ul Haq Zeya Engr. Faiz ul Haq Zeya
Email Faiz.bukc@ bahria.edu.pkFaizzeya@yahoo.com




Short Biography Faiz ul haque Zeya  did hus MS from University of Tulsa, OK, USA and BE from NED University of Engineering and technology. During my BE he did his FYP with Dr. Shahid Hafeez Mriza (Dean Engineering) at NED. During his MS from USA, he did job as Research Assistant twice in Distributed AI Hard group of Dr. Sandip Sen(Professor TU and editor AI magazine) and Dr, Kaveh Ashenayi (professor and Chairman EE dept) and After completion of his MS from USA, he worked at Technology Tier(company by AT&T USA employee),National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences(taught course with Dean and Director NU Dr.Hilal A Querishi retd Captain Pakistan Navy), Mohammad Ali Jinnah University and then joined Bahria University as a lecturer in 2005. HE was promoted to Assistant professor, senior Assistant professor, Associate professor, During last eleven years, he published fourteen books. Besides teaching, he fulfilled different assignment/ duties. He worked as Acting HOD, Data mining group Director.
Research Area His interest includes

AI specifically Artificial General Intelligence

Machine learning.

Deep learning.

Big data

Number of Publications 32

Member ACM (Association of computing machinery) my link my certificate

Member AAAI (Association of advancement of AI)

Linkedin Profile


Designation Senior Associate Professor
Department Department of Software Engineering
University Bahria University Karachi Campus
MS – Computer Science 2003 Computer Science University of Tulsa, Ok,USA
(two courses SJSU,FAST NU)
MS IT (course work completed) 2014 IT SZABIST KARACHI
BE- Computer System Engineer 1999 Computer System Engineering NED University,Karachi, Pakistan
Deep learning Specialization(one course) 2021 Deeplearning.ai Coursera
Certificate course Machine learning Stanford University, Coursera
Data Science Specializtion(two courses) John Hopkins University, Coursera
ORACLE DBA Certificate from Oracle,USA
Senior Associate professor  2018  Present Bahria University Karachi
Associate professor  2014  2018 Bahria University Karachi
Assistant professor and lecturer  2005  2014 Bahria University Karachi
Director Big Data group  2009  2018 Bahria University Karachi
Visitnig Faculty Fast-NU and MAJU  2003  2004 Fast-NU and MAJU
Assistance Professor Appointed  2004  2004 UIT, SSUET
Course Director Data Science  2018  2018 Frontier Technology Institute
CEO  2003  Present Transys
Software Engineer  2004  2004 SuperTech, USA(karachi office)
Software Engineer  2003  2003 Technology Tier(AT&T employee company)
Software Engineer  2001  2001 Docucentric Corp(Adobe Company) Tulsa,OK,USA
Research Assistant of Dr.Kaveh Ashenayi  2001  2001 University of Tulsa,OK,USA
Research Assistant of Dr.Sandip Sen  1999  1999 University of Tulsa,OK,USA
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2 Muhammad Zumair,Adnan Naseem,Muhammad Faisal,Faiz ul haque Zeya PLEASURE OR DISPLEASURE: A SOLUTION FOR CUSTOMERS’ SATISFACTION. International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Information Techonology Research (IJCSEITR) ISSN (P): 2249-6831; ISSN (E): 2249-7943 Vol. 8, Issue 4, Oct 2018, 7-12
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5 Faiz ul haque Zeya, Muhammad Faisal. Future of web search International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology Research
1 M Imran, Umair Waheed, M Usman Faiz ul haque Zeya. Proactive multi agent meeting scheduler. Smashwords 2020
2 Faiz ul haque Zeya, Sharmeen Saleem. Ingredient scanner. Create space publishing USA. 2019
3 Faiz ul haque Zeya, Syed Mohammad Ahsan,Syed Shakiab Imran, Hamza Saleem. Product search engine. Create space publishing USA. 2018
4 Faiz ul haque Zeya, Anum Javed. Text mining for opinion classification. Create space publishing USA. 2015 .
5 Faiz ul haque Zeya, Kulsoom sultana, Jasra S Décor Me. Create space publishing USA. 2015
6 Faiz ul haque Zeya. Machine learning for self adaptive systems. Create space publishing USA. 2014
7 Faizul haque Zeya , Anas ShafqatUllah , M. Usman Arshad , Syed Asad Bukhari  Faiz ul haque Zeya , Anas ShafqatUllah , M. Usman Arshad , Syed Asad Bukhari  Robodraw the drawing robot. Create space publishing USA. 2014
8 Faiz ul haque Zeya ITILV3 based review of Bahria University IT Infrastructure. Create space publishing USA. 2012
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10 Faiz ul haque Zeya.et al Light house-An intelligent recommendation software agent Create space publishing USA. 2012
11 Faiz ul haque Zeya etal.Intelligent book.Create space publishing USA. 2012
12 Faiz ul haque Zeya etal  NU- Print Publishing Platform  Create space publishing USA. 2012
13 Faiz ul haque Zeya. Query expansion for search improvement. Create space publishing USA. 2012
14 Faiz ul haque Zeya LISP programming language. Smashwords 2006
15 Faiz ul haque Zeya. Prolog programming language

1 Faiz ul haque Zeya Query Expansion For Search Improvement . ACSIT 2012
2 Faiz ul haque Zeya ITIL infrastructure of BU.SZABIST conference 2012
3 Faiz ul haque Zeya.Canny Cancer detector. Rocky mountain bioinformatics conference. Poster
University Reports
1 Respar Research paper recommender
2 MOPNA.Optical Nerve Activity
3 Fapitow:Faiz agent to participate in TAC.
4 Some Experiments in AI
5 Conceiving an intelligent system
6 Review of ITIL infrastructure of BU
7 Project plan of Intelligent book
8 I of machine
List of courses Taught
Undergraduate Courses

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Neural networks and fuzzy logic
  • Differential Equations
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Discrete Structure
  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus & Analytical Geometry
  • Applied Physics
  • Introduction to computers.
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Formal Methods in software engineering
  • Natural language processing.