Daraz.pk – An Entrepreneurship Journey
Category: December 15, 2019

A seminar entitled, “Daraz.pk – An Entrepreneurship Journey”, was organized by the MIS and Management clusters for the students of BBA-6 currently enrolled in E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship and Managerial Economics. The seminar provided students an opportunity to understand the development, management and operations of one of Pakistan’s biggest E-Commerce platforms and also helped them learn how they can leverage the online marketplace model of Daraz.pk for launching and expanding their own entrepreneurial ventures. More specifically they were introduced to DExports, a program that will give local sellers the opportunity to list their products on Alibaba’s B2B website, thus, enabling them to reach a larger, global customer base. Daraz is providing complete support to local exporters to help them capitalise on this opportunity in the form of free-of-cost trainings, knowledge sharing and offering a full ecosystem of payments and logistics support. The membership to the program is divided into three different gold categories: basic, standard and premium. Each of these categories have their own benefits.

As Alibaba’s local partner, Daraz will assist Pakistani sellers list their products on Alibaba.com through an annual membership program which will give them complete access to the global market. Daraz will support local exporters by providing them with essential knowledge regarding global trade. As the leading e-commerce platform in South Asia, Daraz will also share unique insights on digital entrepreneurship with local sellers. Through the DExports program, local sellers will be able to reach over 300 million buyers in more than 200 countries including Russia, South America, Africa, Canada, United Kingdom, France and the USA.

The seminar also included general discussions about the E-Commerce industry of Pakistan and how it has changed over the years and where it is headed given the changes in the global arena. The guests also talked about the changes in the online consumer behavior of Pakistanis and how the e-commerce enthusiasts / students and digital marketing aspirants can leverage in the future for their own endeavors or when working for any organization. This was followed by a question and answer session that was very enlightening for the students and other attendees. 

Souvenirs were presented to the guest speakers by Associate Professor Mr. Akbar Saeed.

Fahad Javaid – Head of Talent and Development, Human Resources, Daraz.pk talking about how e-commerce is changing everything for businesses
Q / A Session with the guest speakers
Usman Butt – Corporate Sales Manager, Cross border talking about the contribution of Daraz.pk to the E-Commerce market of Pakistan
Aurangzaib Alamgir – Project Manager, Seller Acquisition explaining the DExports initiative
Guests from Daraz.pk

Aurangzaib Alamgir – Project Manager, Seller Acquisition
Usman Butt – Corporate Sales Manager, Cross border
Junaid Hemani – Category Manager, Category Management and Seller Education
Faculty members and guests attending listening to Fahad Javaid – Head of Talent and Development, Human Resources, Daraz.pk
Students of BBA-6 (all sections) listening to the guest speakers
Students of BBA-6 (all sections) attending the seminar