Category: Tender April 9, 2021


Quotations are invited from registered firms / vendors having General Sales Tax and NTN No Registration for Civil Work of Aquatic Diagnostic & Research Centre (AD&RC) – BUKC. The sealed quotations inclusive of all taxes are to be submitted till 26 April 2021 at 10:30 am, and quotations will be open on the same day in the presence of the firm’s or their representatives at 11:30 am.

S.No Description Qty
a. Glass Separation (Buffer Area) H-10’x6’ (Glass  Door Airtight) 60 Sq Ft
b. Decontamination Room 11’-0” x 9’-9” Block Masonry Work wirh Both Side Plaster 5” Block Cement with Labor and Material etc 110 Sq Ft
c. False Ceiling 11’x9’-9” 2×2 Completer Job with Labor and Material etc 110 Sq Ft
d. Porcelain Tiles Size (16’x16’) Area 11’-0” x 9’-9”=108.9 Sq Ft 108.9 Sq Ft
e. Exhaust Fan 8” 02 Nos
f. Pre Cast Slabs with Gadder Area 11’x9’.9” = 108.8 Sq Ft Labor and Material etc 108.9 Sq Ft
g. Aluminum Chowkhat and Wooden Door with Fitting 01 No
h. Marble Vanity with Wash Basin Water Line and Sewerage Line Complete Job with Labor and Material etc Job
i. Cabinets with Doors and Draws Lasani Lamination with Labor and Material Size H-30” L-8’ W-20” Job