Category: Tender April 24, 2019


  1. Quotations are invited from active registered firms / vendors having General Sales Tax and NTN registration for Stationery Items for BUKC. The sealed quotations inclusive of all taxes are to be submitted till 09 May 2019 at 10:30 am, and quotations will be open on the same day in the presence of the firm’s or their representatives at 11:30 am.


S. No Description Qty
a. Attendance Register 200 Pages(FM) 10 Nos
b. Ball Point (Blue, Black, Red) 20 Pkt
c. Ball Point Click(Blue, Black, Red) 50 Pkt
d. Board Marker (Blue,Black,Red,Green) 116 Pkt
e. Box File Blue (Fiber) 120 Nos
f. Cell AA (For Clock) 200 Nos
g. Cell AAA (For Remote) 200 Nos
h. Color Paper Card A-4 100 Sheet 1000 Nos
j. Correcting Fluid Pen 24 Nos
k. Duster For White Board (B.Q) 400 Nos
l. Envelopes Brown Size 4×1/2x3x1/2 For Key 50 Hund
m. Envelopes White 9×4 (window) 1000 Nos
n. Gem Clip 26mm 50 Pkt
p. Gum Liquid (142 gm,) 50 Btl
q. Gum Stick 21gm 48 Nos
r. Highlighter 48 Nos
s. Ink  28.5ml for Stamp Pad 12 Btl
t. Loose Paper Sheet 13×8 (800 Sheet) 20 Pkt
u. Marker Permanent 70&90 12 Nos
v. Minute Sheet pad 40 Pad
w. Packing Tape 3’’ 24 Nos
x. Paper Color A-4,A-3,80gm,100Sheet 20 Pkt
y. Paper Photo Copy A-4 (80gm) 200 Rims
z. Paper Photo Copy A-5 (80gm) 10 Rims
aa. Paper Tap 1” 20 Nos
ab. Pencil Soft 50 Pkt
ac. Ring File Fiber 40 Nos
ad. Rubber Soft AL-30 40 Nos
ae. Scale Steel 12” 10 Nos
af. Sharpener Plastic 144 Nos
ag. Signature Pen Pointer (Blue, Black & Red) 30 Pkt
ah. Stamp Pad 15 Nos
aj. Staple Machine Standy 45 Plus 20 Nos
ak. Staple Pin 24/6 60 Pkt
al. Staple Pin Remover 12 Nos
am. Tap Stand 05 Nos
an. Transparent Tap 1” 40 Nos
ap. Transparent Tap 3” 20 Nos
aq. Tissue Box (Luxury) 72 Nos
ar. Tissue Box (Pop up) 72 Nos
as. Writing Pad Small 50 Nos


  1. The bid security @ 2% of quoted amount shall be deposited along with quotations in the form of irrevocable, en-cashable call-deposit / bank draft / pay order in name of the Bahria University.
  2. No personal cheque will be acceptable at any cost.
  3. The previous bid security (if any) will not be considered or carried forward.
  4. Bid security is refundable however, its claiming back shall be responsibility of the bidder. The bidder of its authorized representative will collect from accounts department by hand acknowledging receipt by signing on the bid security.
  5. Sample for above mentioned items are available at Procurement Office.