International conference AMCAP-BUKC 2020
Category: Past Events February 7, 2020
Last updated on February 29th, 2020

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AMCAP-BUKC 2020 International Conference

Role of Media in Poverty Alleviation and Promoting Social Justice

(February 24-25, 2020)


The world is facing challenges of rising poverty, increasing economic inequalities, and social injustices. The situation in Pakistan is no different where almost 39 percent of Pakistanis live in multidimensional poverty, where more than 25 percent do not have enough money to satisfy their basic needs. This situation is far from the vision of our founding father, Quaid-e-Azam  who categorically stated that “we should wholly and solely concentrate on the wellbeing of the people, and especially of the masses and the poor” (Constituent Assembly of Pakistan, 11 August, 1947).

There is a failure to bring sensitivities towards human sufferings; the issue of poverty is only reduced to numbers with no holistic view and without pragmatic solutions. Debatable economic development indicators and increasing social injustice are rarely considered in the discourses on poverty alleviation. Issues of illiteracy, population explosion, debt trap, extremism, and political apathy exacerbate the situation to make it even worse, thus causing a never-ending spiral of human misery. These issues can only be addressed in a holistic manner. Solving these problems requires firm commitment, perpetual motivation, and consistent accountability of concerned stakeholders particularly media. Media can play a pivotal role in highlighting the causes, identifying the solutions, suggesting policy directions, and generating social mobilization. Hence, it has a great potential to (re)create discourses on poverty alleviation and social injustice.

AMCAP-BUKC 2020 International Conference is offering a platform to media academics along with other stakeholders for the following objectives:

  • Appraising challenges being faced in poverty alleviation and social justice
  • Analyzing theoretical arguments, practical approaches for poverty alleviation and social justice
  • Evaluating state policies for poverty alleviation and media
  • Addressing poverty alleviation and social justice through education/media education
  • Studying media frames of poverty and social injustices
  • Examining local and global approaches to poverty alleviation and social justice
  • Identifying the role of media and mobilizing stakeholders for poverty alleviation

AMCAP-BUKC 2020 International Conference through academic and conceptual papers aspires to bring out healthy debates for designing and executing policies and strategies to alleviate poverty, boost economic development and work for social justice. In addition to the general theme and objectives, AMCAP-BUKC 2020 International Conference addresses diversity of topics aligned with thematic sections including; Development and Communication; Gender and Media; Media Culture and Society; Media Ethics; Digital Media; Media Education; Film Studies; and Media Literacy.