Winder Visit 2021
Category: January 14, 2021

Outreach activity was organized by the HOD of Earth and Environmental Sciences Dr. Salma Hamza in collaboration with Dunya News. The objective of this trip was to highlight the issues related to over pumping of groundwater, impact of water quality on agriculture & habitants and natural resources of Balochistan. Winder Town is located at District Lasbela, Balochsitan.  The student of Earth & Environmental Science, college students, faculty members and Dunya News participated in seminar. With a warm welcome by local farmers, social workers and government official discussion were started on problems faced for the agriculture activity. The following problems were highlighted by locals

  1. Lack of agriculture facilities and infrastructure from Balochistan government.
  2. Dams construction for storage of seasonal rainfall
  3. Impact of over pumping on groundwater level in last 20 years
  4. Water quality deterioration impact on agriculture
  5. Impact of water quality on Local health

Mr. Mustafa Habib further highlighted their problem with government official and student of Bahria University E&ES also gave suggestion and ideas to overcome the issue by local. E&ES BUKC students present the ideas of smart agriculture activities such as drip farming, recharge of groundwater by establishing small  ponds by local, controlled over pumping to preserve water and reverse osmosis plant should be arrange from government of Balochistan for drinking purpose. Dr. Salma Hamza also share her research work in Winder Balochistan, that presence of Cadmium and Lead in water is a threat to the health of local where they are facing kidney problems. She also suggest that water should be treated for drinking purpose. Miss Sadia Hashmi highlight the issue of pesticides impact on soil. Muhammad Irfan PhD scholar also share his current research on Winder where situation is not under control. Over pumping continuously decline water approximately 3 meter per year. This over pumping also result sea water intrusion. The event was successfully organized to aware the locals and Balochistan government that in future groundwater depletion will results drought condition in Winder.

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