Director’s Message
Last updated on January 28th, 2019


I am Commodore Muzammil Hussain SI(M) SE Pakistan Navy and I work as the Director of Bahria University at the Karachi Campus. I am here to communicate some basic facts and working structure of this institution.


Since its inception, BU has been committed to provide world class education that encourages and prepares students academically, personally and professionally. This is all in an effort to allow them to chose a successful career. The mission of this institution is to remain committed to the attainment of highest standards in teaching, learning and research at par with the international standards.


Our approach is totally process-oriented; our emphasis is to bridge the gap of theory and practice, through active collaboration and participation. We strive to ensure that your time spent at the University allows you to grow, discover and learn. Our focus is consistently been on producing quality students and the successes that our Alumni have achieved bear testimony to that fact.


BUKC seeks to nurture thoughtful, creative and individuals with potential who are committed to improving themselves and the community at large. BU, therefore serves as a cultural, social and intellectual center for the community and a strategic resource and partner for business and industry.


Our faculty members possess a passion for teaching and our staff has always been committed to support and facilitate the academic endeavor of every single student. Our campus culture is open and promotes liberal learning with a commitment to ethical and high moral standards, but put lot of emphasis on discipline and conduct of the student. Bahria possess a professional classroom environment with the latest teaching aids, which provide students an opportunity to work closely with their instructors. This commitment to excellence in education is not limited to the classroom but is visible in all professional activities of the University.


BUKC provides an enabling environment for quality teaching, learning, and research through its study opportunities across a wide range of disciplines. BU offers extensive scholarships program too. At our Campus a diverse range of clubs and societies cater to many interests and extra curricular activities ranges from debate competitions to various academic, professional and sports events.


Seeing is believing. And believing is being at this institution!


This is a message for all respectable parents that me, my faculty and staff always look forward to welcome, and guide while assisting your child select a professional academic discipline. May Allah Subhan-a-WaTaala gives us the vision and strength to fulfill this noble task with all our efforts leading to the success of our students.


I am confident that our students will bring a good name not only for this institution, but for their parents and Pakistan too.