BS (Computer Science)
Category: January 17, 2020

BS (Computer Science)


To become a center of excellence in Computer Science education, research and globalized technologies.


To produce graduates having good problem solving skills and know how to use computers creatively along with team building and professional skills.


  1. To provide an understanding of the fundamental concepts of Computer Science.
  2. To enrich the students with modern tools and technologies with respect to an ever changing business and technological environment.
  3. To provide mathematical and logical skills critical for solving computing problems.
  4. To develop skills in order to collaborate effectively through written and oral communication.
  5. To develop effective team working/leading skills.
  6. To enable students to utilize best ethical, communication and computing skills in acquiring jobs or higher studies.

BSCS Program Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  1. Analyze computing problems and design solutions using mathematical and computing foundations.
  2. Able to adapt modern tools and technologies to an ever changing professional environment.
  3. Demonstrate teamwork and leadership skills through group activities and projects in a professional world.