Business Incubation Center BUKC has organized the event on “Blockchain Meetup 04” in collaboration with EdgeBox
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Last updated on July 5th, 2018
Blockchain meetup 04 event was organized in collaboration with Business Incubation Center BUKC, EdgeBox, Trustworks, Hyperledger a project of Linux Foundation, Global Blockchain ConsortiumMotwani Jadeja Foundation, Mimsoft, mParsec, Go4 Blockchain, DevnCode, Cubix Inc, Hashmani’s Hospital, Pakistan CIO Summit & Expo. Successfully completion of “Blockchain Meetup #4” on 7 June 2018 at Al-Beruni Auditorium, students, faculty, professionals, and Tech industry specialists participated.

Activities covered in this session;
1. Open Business Idea Completion on “Blockchain” by students.

2. Keynote session conducted by Ali Sohani, CTO, Cubix, and Mr. Julian Gordon, VP Asia Pacific through online

3.  Panel Discussion on about “how we can integrate Blockchain into Pakistan”, also discussed the underlying issues of “businesses and projects aspects of the blockchain technology.”  This session conducted by Mr. Javed Yousuf Edhi – Group Head  Digital Bank & Innovation Silk BankMr. Shahid Sumar CIO, Al-Barka BankZeehan Abbasi CEO, mParsec and Mr. Ali Sohani, CTO, Cubix.

On the behalf of Bahria University, Karachi Management presents warm regards to Mr. Rashid Jamal, Mr. Ali Sohani, Mr. Julian Gordon,  Zeeshan Abbasi Mr. Javed Yousuf Edhi,  Mr. Shahid Sumar, and many others for coming and giving their precious time.

























The glimpse of the online session:

Pakistan Blockchain Week at BUKC.#blockchain #bukc

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