Manager BIC-BUKC has participated as International Judge at “The Diamond Challenge” from University of Delaware, Horn Entrepreneurship Center, USA.
Category: Banner, NEWS & EVENTS February 24, 2020
Engr Syed Rizwan Ali Assistant Professor / Manager (BIC- BUKC) has  honored to become an International Judge and represented Business Incubation Center, Bahria University Karachi Campus and participated as a Virtual Judge at International Startup Competition on “The Diamond Challenge” organized by the University of Delaware, Horn Entrepreneurship Center, USA
He judged five teams of students from around the (North America, Africa, & Asia) globe using evidence-based entrepreneurship methodologies in the two-month and identified the distinctive competence of startup proposes a novel, disruptive or unique business concept that will provide it with a competitive advantage.
Scored the market opportunity for the value created by the new product/services with a clear market need, and does the proposal suggest a viable way to meet that need with the analysis of the management team are the team well prepared to develop the startup company and positioned to manage the risks. Also, he acknowledged the viability of the proposed business has a realistic potential with technology to succeed and determined the financial strength of the startup team, fully understand the financial requirements of the proposed company with a two- or three-years plan and is there a need to raise funds.