BIC-BUKC Team IoT Solutions has secured 4,000 USD scholarship from the Florida Atlantic University, USA.
Category: News Archive, Past Events June 27, 2019
Last updated on October 8th, 2019

Business Incubation Center, Bahria University Karachi Campus 5th Cycle team IoT Solutions, CEO Mr. Shoaib Ali has secured 4,000 USD scholarship from the Florida Atlantic University, USA. 

Also congrats to Engr. Dr. Rizwan Iqbal HoD CE and Supervisor Engr. Nabiha Faisal but also remembered Former HoD C&SE Engr. Majid Kaleem when Mr. Shoaib Ali intake in BUKC, then Former HoD CE Engr. Dr. Sohaib Ahmed, who grooms the department & BUKC management.
Victory/Sucess is not about “ONE MAN/WOMEN” Show its all about the Team Workbecause I believe “Together We Matter”.