BIC- BUKC successfully conducted Facebook Live Session Series 0.7 on “Startup – Success Story” of Smart Talk Technology & Sadqa e Jariya
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Last updated on July 8th, 2020
Business Incubation Center, Bahria University Karachi Campus (BIC- BUKC) successfully conducted Facebook Live Session Series 0.7 on “Startup – Success Story” of  Smart Talk Technology & Sadqa e Jariya by Speaker Engr. TanXeela Sheikh Alumnus of Software Engineering Department Business Incubation Center, Bahria University Karachi Campus (BIC- BUKC)This Live session was held on 27 May 2020 at 01:00 pm at BIC- BUKC Official Facebook Page:
Engr. TanXeela Sheikh, currently working as Founder and MD Managing Director at M/S Sadqa e Jariya, Social Enterprise ( to help less privileged people and to provide them with necessities of life. An estimated 36 percent of Pakistanis live below the poverty line and almost half are illiterate. One in eight people go to bed hungry every single night, their mission is to fulfill the need of poor/needy women, men and children as much as possible for us. Also, to support orphan children and students to continue their education and for that we want you to be the part of our mission by giving donations, after selection at 5th Launchpad Business Incubation Center, Bahria University Karachi Campus BIC- BUKC) founded a startup called “Smart Talk Technology”. Idea that was related to create a bridge between deaf, dumb people and normal people to understand each other’s through A.I based Sign Languages apps and it was a great success. They were selected into Pakistan Startup Cup’17 and represented Business Incubation Center, Bahria University Karachi Campus (BIC- BUKC) (, and also participated into Momentum Tech Conference’18 ( At this point special thanks to supervisor Engr. Adnan ur Rehamn and Engr. Dr. Sohaib HoD SE-BUKC, Assoc. Dean BUKC, & E&ES Principle BU.
So, when Sadqa e Jariya stepped into Social Enterprise platform and started Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to enlarge my social circle, to use these social applications in positive way to develop trust and to collect donations for the less privileged people. They have learned how to utilize these applications in a very positive way to create vast social circle and to let the good ones know that there is a reliable way of helping the needy people with total satisfaction. #Alhamdulillah it’s easy to convey our positive thoughts to others and to easily collect 1000 to 2000 families ration but approx. during COIVD-19, they helped and conducted ration drive 1500 families since MAR 2020. In parallel, they provide the platform for the female entrepreneur to promote their business online to grow up. In this way the buyer finds the reliable stuff and the female who are less in the field gets the customers easily, till now they have distributed funds to produce  entrepreneurs. AllhumdulilALLAH created approx. 200 males & 100 females local entrepreneurs.

Engr. Syed Rizwan Ali, Assistant Professor / Manager Business Incubation Center, Bahria University Karachi Campus (BIC-BUKC) was the host of the session

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