12265718_917000891686765_4019284589520905890_oThe Music Society of BUI organized their traditional orientations sessions and music workshop in the Lecture Theatre-2 where a large number of students took part to gain knowledge about music and various instruments. The session was conducted and hosted by the Club President Rahul Joshua who explained music theory to the new comers and music lovers. The final session was conducted on the 13th November which ended with a collaborative jamming session. All the attendees participated in the session with great enthusiasm. Some of the talented new comers observed in the jamming session were then selected to perform in the outdoor arranged gig on the very same evening which took place in the XC Campus lawn. All the attendees of the workshop were moved to the venue where a lot of university students gathered around to enjoy the performances. The senior members of the Music Society BUI performed to the fullest and enthralled the audience. The secondary purpose of this gig was to promote one of the alumni’s newest pizza house brand who distributed free pizza slices to the students during the musical gig.