Last modified on: October 15th, 2020
Last updated on October 15th, 2020

The Department of Professional Psychology has been established at Bahria University, Islamabad with the aim of providing training and assistance to budding psychologist so that they can become competent professionals in the field. This is to improve the role of clinical psychologists in the scenario of today’s world.

At our Department, we aspire to provide appropriate, one-on-one training to our students to make them become qualified experts. Our aim is to impart working knowledge to our students so that they are provided a variety of opportunities to grow and excel not only academically but also in the professional setup and research. The programs offered at our Department cater to the curriculum requirements of today’s world and according to the dynamics of field of psychology. We endeavor to teach our students the changing trends of society and psychology through various workshops, trainings and seminars which help indulge not only our students but others as well. This allows imparting knowledge about psychology to the masses as well and raising awareness regarding mental health issues.

Our adept faculty is capable not only as scholars but are also practicing psychologist with years of practical exposure. This helps them render expert knowledge regarding the various facets of psychology. At our Department, not only intense and severe issues faced in hospital setting are addressed, but the students are also given training how to improve normal functioning of individuals to enhance their quality of life. We provide them with opportunities to revisit and develop their own selves and cope with their weaknesses and flaws.

If you want to pursue a course that imparts skilled training along with advanced professional knowledge to meet various challenges and techniques in the field of psychology as a profession, then you are appreciated to join our Department. Your feedback and comments are most welcome.