Why Media Studies?

BS Media Studies Program

Welcome to the Department of Media Studies!

Why take this course?

The TV we watch, the magazines we read and the web pages we browse all act as a window to the world around us. The BS Media Studies degree explores histories and theories of media, covering a diverse range of audio-visual, print and digital communications, and examines their social and aesthetic significance. With this 4-year Bachelors program, we will help you build a strong portfolio of creative media projects, critical thinking skills and professional experiences, and help you locate a plethora of exciting opportunities!

What will I experience?

On this course you can:

  • Get training from our team of specialist media staff whose research interests encompass television and the internet to magazines and journalism
  • Learn by doing – access media production in various forms including video production and media writing
  • Create your own film script or write a TV drama

What Facilities will I have access to?

  • State-of-the-art Television Studio
  • Fully functional News Room
  • Editing Suites
  • Latest Production Equipment
  • Web TV
  • FM Radio Channel
  • Online Newspaper

What opportunities might it lead to?

The blend of creative and technical ability that you will build on this course will be extremely valuable to employers within in the media sector. The range of transferable and creative skills you’ll develop and practical experiences you’ll encounter during your time with us will be highly regarded in the jobs market.

Here are some routes our graduates have pursued:

  • Media research
  • Film or television production
  • Publishing
  • New media
  • Web design
  • News media
  • Event management

“I would like a career in social media or PR and the skills I have learned on this course will help me with that. I’ve really enjoyed studying at the Bahria University and it’s a great experience for my chosen career path!”

Shafaq Sohaib, Final Year BS Media Studies Student 2016


How will I be assessed?

The greatest feature of our course is that it allows for your intellectual freedom and choice. By attending workshops, seminars, lectures, practical performance sessions and simulations, you’ll approach the exciting discipline of media studies in innovative ways using a range of texts and current media artefacts.

Assessment takes many forms enabling you to demonstrate the variety of your skills and talents, including through:

  • essays
  • presentations
  • scripts
  • video productions
  • programme proposal/pitch
  • reports/magazine features
  • examinations
  • dissertation/project

“There are plenty of media resources available and the staff is always on hand to help.”

Mina Tahir, Year Three BS Media Studies Student 2016