Vision, Mission & Objectives of School of Law
Last updated on September 9th, 2022


To emerge a center of excellence by achieving the highest academic and professional standards in the field of Law through innovative education and rigorous research contributing towards the advancement of a just and fair society.


To provide intellectual and professional training in legal education with strong focus towards academic excellence and to produce world class legal professionals and research scholars possessing high ethical values.


i.   To inculcate in students a broad and a nuanced understanding of the social, political and economic contexts within which the Pakistani and global legal systems operate;

ii.  To equip students with the critical knowledge and understanding of the fundamental doctrines and principles of Law and Jurisprudence.

iii.  To develop the intellectual and practical skills necessary for the legal profession and employment in public and private spheres.

iv.  To promote socio-legal research culture.

v.   To help improve human life through Law.

vi.  To create legal leadership in Pakistan.