Last modified on: March 15th, 2021
Last updated on March 15th, 2021

The Journal of Law & Social Policy JLSP, is designed to contribute to the understanding of law from different perspectives. It aims to provide research articles on different aspects of legal and social issues, which include papers on Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, Anthropology, Environmental Issues, Sociology, Culture, Civilization, Politics, Economics and Development. Besides research articles, book reviews are also welcomed. We welcome interdisciplinary contributions in areas of relevance to the law and, in particular, work that uses the techniques of the social sciences and the humanities to contribute to understanding in legal studies.



Among others, the journal of Law and Social Policy accepts manuscripts related to the following areas:

  1. Challenges in Legal Research Methodologies: Doctrinal, Black Letter Law, Legal Positivism, Legal Pluralism, Realism, Idealism, Communitarianism, Liberal Critique, Grounded Theory, and interdisciplinary – such as, Law in Action, Law in Context, Law in Courts, Law on Streets etc.
  2. Issues in Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods with Law and Socio-legal Research
  3. Contemporary Problems in Criminal and Civil Laws and Procedures
  4. Theory and Practice: Corrections, Punishments, Prisons, Prosecution, Probation, Parole etc.
  5. The Administration of Justice and the Systems Theory
  6. Comparative Criminal Justice Theories and Practices
  7. The Debate of State Security V Civil Liberties
  8. The Interplay of Anti-Terrorism and Human Rights Law
  9. Constitutionalism and Constitutional Law
  10. The Discourse of Human Rights Law: Local, regional and international
  11. Contemporary Issues in International Law
  12. International Humanitarian Law: The Conduct of War, Unlawful Combatants, Killer Robots, Cluster Bombs etc.
  13. International Criminal Law: Aggression, Genocide, Crimes against Humanity, War Crimes
  14. Admiralty and Maritime Law
  15. International Trade and Commercial Law
  16. The Significance of Law and Development
  17. The Inter-play of Law and Economics: Chicago School of Economics, Neoclassical Economics, Positive and Normative Analyses of Law
  18. Environmental Law
  19. International Organizations including NGOs
  20. The Parameters of Intellectual Properties
  21. Cyber Laws and Digital Identity
  22. Privacy and Data Protection Laws
  23. The Sociology of Law: Chicago School and Beyond
  24. Culture and Identity: Universalism and Cultural Relativism
  25. The Discourse of Minority Rights, Indigenous People and Group Rights
  26. Criminology: The Changing Definition of Crime, Policing, Causes of Crime
  27. Jurisprudence
  28. Theorizing Law
  29. The Interaction of Law and Religion and vice versa
  30. Gender Justice
  31. Social Justice
  32. Contemporary Problems in Administrative Law
  33. Employment Laws
  34. Charity and Trust
  35. Challenges Confronted with Medical Negligence Law
  36. Legal Ethics: Contemporary Ethical Issues in Legal Profession
  37. Contemporary Demands and Justifications for the Development of New Law Curriculum
  38. Teaching Law Online: Problems and Challenges
  39. Moot Courts: The Art of Mooting