Last modified on: January 9th, 2023
Last updated on January 9th, 2023

JLSP – Volume 4 (September 2022)

Article-1: Seafarers Life, Joys and Jeopardies: Maritime Law and Practice

Article-2: Admissibility and Evidentiary Value of Electronic Evidence in Criminal Cases: A Case Study of Pakistan

Article-3: Is My Body My Property?

Article-4: Legal Reforms Of Auranzeb Alamgir And Its Comparison With Contemporary Legal And Judicial Framework In Pakistan

Article-5: Critical Analysis Of Environmental Degradation In Afghanistan

JLSP – Volume 3 (September 2021)

Article-1:  Sports Arenas and Noise Pollution: A Critical Analysis of Bringing Class Actions against the Nuisance

Article-2:  Electronic Court System and Speedy Justice: A Comparative Critical Analysis of Legal Systems in Pakistan, Malaysia, and India

Article-3:  Critiquing the Abolitionist Argument: A Case for Retaining Death Penalty in Pakistan

Article-4:  Women Empowerment in Pakistan: A Comparative Critical Analysis of Domestic and International Legislations Governing Gender Justice for Inclusive Development

Article-5:  The Dilemma of Justice System in Formerly FATA of Pakistan: Challenges and Prospects

JLSP – Volume 2 (September 2020)

Article-1:   Appraisal of Corporate Entity

Article-2:   English Law of Torts and Product Liability

Article-3:   Evaluation of Charities Laws in Pakistan With Special Emphasis on The Punjab Charities Ordinance 2018

Article-4:   Compliance of Corporate Governance Regulations: An Overview of Listed Companies in Pakistan

Article-5:   An analytical Study to Discuss the International as Well as Local Legal Structure for Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Epidemic Control Measure

Article-6:   Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: Access to Speedy Justice and Alternative Dispute Resolution System in Pakistan

Article-7:   The Criminal Justice System in Pakistan

JLSP – Volume 1 (September 2019)

Article-1:   Access to Justice through Legal Aid in Nigeria: An Exposition on Some Salient Features of the Legal Aid Act

Article-2:   Issues of Water Management in Pakistan: Why Dams Demand National Resolve?

Article-3:   Shareholders’ Conflict Management for Promoting Corporate Governance in Close Companies of Pakistan

Article-4:   Rescuing the First ones to be Harmed and the Last ones to be Heard: Big Three Divine Religions and the Rights of the Children

Article-5:   The Precautionary Principle under International Environmental Law: A Rule of Customary Law or Merely an Approach Based on Prudence? An Analysis