Last modified on: July 20th, 2022
Last updated on July 20th, 2022


Bahria University Law Society (BULS) is a student organization at Bahria University Law School in Bahria University Islamabad Campus. BULS allows students to plan and organize meaningful recreational events. Membership to the BULS is earned through a sincere commitment to the Society’s aims. The society is divided into various teams in order to improve the efficiency of the functions performed by it such as content writing team, logistics team, finance and security team, décor team etc. A head is appointed for each team who leads the team to perform their respective functions. Under the leadership of Ma’am Qurrat ul Ain Rehman (former head of BULS) the Society flourished considerably. Among other achievements of BULS, the most significant one is that with the consistent efforts of its members the society managed to draft its own Code. The Code is a comprehensive governing document of the Society that covers each and every aspect of how society will be managed with a proper procedure of amendments. The main objective of BULS is to provide a platform of friendship, personal growth, career development and university inclusiveness to students and help them acquire skills and talents that they are not able to learn or develop through normal third level education.




A few highlights of the initiatives taken by the Bahria University Law Society are mentioned below:

  1. Virtual Book Reading Club


During the times of COVID, BULS presented the students with a Virtual Book Reading Club in order to keep them productive while they were stuck at home. It turned out to be a huge success of BULS. It continued to progress and the network grew wider and is still growing. Basically, a book is chosen to be read by all the members and later on members meet on a forum to discuss the book and express their thoughts. Being students of law, the discussions always include legal touch as well. It enables the students to embrace different perspectives and widen their horizons. A number of books of different genera have been discussed by the members in the Reading Club namely 12 Angry Men, Animal Farm, The Forty Rules of Love, To Kill A Mockingbird etc.




Bahria University Law Society took the initiative of hosting a Cricket Gala from November 22nd to November 26th, 2021. This event was celebrated with exceptional zest and enthusiasm which was displayed by future attorneys-to-be. Keeping in view how passionate Pakistani souls are about cricket, it was ultimately a grand success. Students from all the semesters of Law Department participated in the event. Keeping the value of equality for all in view, Bahria University Law Society also hosted a cricket match for the female students. Winning teams were awarded with trophies and prizes.


  1. Bazm-e-Sukhan

An event of Bazm-e-Sukhan was organized by BULS which was an opportunity for students to socially gather for entertainment in a delightfully constructive learning environment. The guests of honor were Ms. Uzma Masroor, HOD Social Sciences of Air University (consulting clinical psychologist by profession); and the renowned poet celebrated worldwide for his comic writings, Sir Anwar Masood. He pleasantly shared his thoughts and experiences with the crowd through his poetry consisting of everyday commonplace phrases and relatable wordings that attracted the attention of his audience and the delivery of his recitation was a display of true showmanship. He judiciously handpicked the choicest morsels from his writings to compliment the taste of his listeners, leaving them with an insatiable appetite for humour. This event turned out to be a success story for BULS.


  1. Calligraphy and Bait Bazi Competition


In order to provide students with the opportunity to showcase their skillsets and talents, calligraphy and Bait bazi competitions were organized by BULS. In bait bazi competition, students displayed their interest and heartfelt love for Urdu literature. Such competitions are indispensable to keep students in touch with their traditional literature. Moreover, the calligraphy competition also encouraged students to present the content in a proper manner and revive and promote the classical art of Islamic calligraphy. All the participants were awarded with certificates and the winner teams received cash prizes as well.


  1. Annual Dinner

Annual Dinner was one of the top-notch events organized by BULS. Students of the whole law department of Bahria University were invited at the dinner along with notable faculty members. The dinner was followed by a vibrant and electrifying Qawali Night. This event gave students a temporary escape from academic stress and provided them with a chance to enjoy themselves.


  1. Maritime Winter School

Maritime Winter School 2022 was held by BULS to highlight the potential and challenges in maritime sector for practitioners, academics and students in the field. International speakers and experts were featured to ensure that students get the most out of this program.


  1. Participation in National Privacy Conference

Members of Bahria University Law Society were invited in 8th National Privacy Conference by Digital Rights Foundation.

The Conference was chaired by then Minister of Human Rights, Shireen Mazari, Chairperson NADRA, Tariq Malik, Director IT for Ministry of IT, Bilal Abassi, CEO and Founder of Katalyst Labs, Jehan Ara, and digital rights activist and Director Bolo Bhi, Usama Khilji.


  1. Naat Competition

The event was arranged by BULS in connection with the month of Ramadan. Students of Law Department manifested their love for Holy Prophet PBUH by reciting heart touching naats in their dulcet voices. Certificates and prizes were distributed to the winners.


  1. Badminton Tournament 

The event was arranged by BULS in the month of June which invite all students from department of law to participate. This tournament was for both girls and boys and Winner(s) were awarded with shield.


  1. Recreational Trip

BAHRIA UNIVERSITY LAW SOCIETY successfully organized and conducted its first ever Trip to MABALI ISLAND. The trip include;


-Lunch (beverages Salad bar+2 dishes)

-Games (volley ball / Badminton / tug of war / football)

– Adventurous motorboat ride

– Photography




  1. Movie Night

Bahria University Law School through Bahria University Law Society organized a Movie Night, last event under the headship of Madam Qurrat-Ul-Ain Rehman, on July 1st, 2022 from 05:30pm to 8:00pm. This event was the first of its kind in history of Bahria University. JUST MERCY was the movie displayed which was about to defend those who wrongly condemned or those not afforded proper representation.