Aims and Objectives

Recognizing the significance of research for development and reaffirming our collective resolve to further enhance the quality of research and education at Bahria University; the Journal of Law and Social Policy strives to achieve the following aims and objectives.

      1. To create dynamic and vibrant research culture.
      2. To enhance the quality of socio-legal research.
      3. To contribute and create new knowledge at the intersections of Law and Social Sciences.
      4. To help address socio-legal problems, such as – poverty, discrimination, injustice etc. – through coherent, credible, reliable, and rigorous legal research.
      5. To evaluate existing laws and suggest new laws for the uplift of the country.
      6. To improve the quality of legal education.
      7. To address various challenges related to legal research methodology and research methods – qualitative as well as quantitative.
      8. To encourage disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary trends in the conduct of legal research.