To emerge as an internationally reputable school in Humanities and Social Sciences that continues to install high academic and ethical values to produce socially responsible citizens.


To deliver quality education in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences using modern techniques enabling students to hone their research and communication skills and becoming positive social change agents of society through acquired knowledge and professional skills.


a. To enhance creativity in students assisting them to develop critical thinking so that they can produce reflective and analytical research.

b.  To focus on communication skills so that the students are able to maneuver in the society that may entail conflicting opinions while at the same time be able to resolve the issues.

c.  To Provide the students with values of integrity, hard work, emancipation and most importantly loyalty to their future work or personal endeavors.

d.  To produce high quality graduates and researchers of humanities and social sciences who could put into practice that theories of relevant fields and develop understanding of diverse social background for collaborations and coexistence within the society.

e.  To provide appealing and convincing solutions to organizations on social challenges in national and international perspectives so as to develop societal values and venues for human prosperity.