Last modified on: May 22nd, 2018
Last updated on May 22nd, 2018

Prof. Dr. Tahseenullah Khan

As Head of the department, I feel proud to inform that Bahria University is the pioneer academic institute in Islamabad that offered four years BS program in Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Sciences. Other programs offered at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences include MS in Geology, Geophysics, Environmental Sciences and Environmental Policy and Management. From Fall 2016 and 2017, PhD in Geology and Environmental Sciences are being offered to boost research in the fields of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

The curricula, designed to cater the present day requirement of the industry, are a fine blend of core subjects, and courses from mathematics, computer science and humanity disciplines. Along with highly qualified permanent faculty members, experienced instructors from internationally renowned exploration and production companies in the energy sector, are invited to impart knowledge to the students.

Field and laboratory work play a pivotal role in academic excellence. Students are provided ample opportunities to enhance their knowledge through field observations and laboratory experiments. The department has established “student chapters” of professional organizations such as Pakistan Association of Petroleum Geoscientists (PAPG) and Society of Explorations Geophysists (SEG). The “Green Club” of the department in collaboration with other student chapters organizes events of national and international interest in the university. The deserving students are awarded in terms of scholarships and international visits.

The department helps students get internships and secure jobs in various professional organizations through placement office. The alumni frequently visit the department and provide valuable feedback which helps to improve learning.

Today, our graduates are playing an important role towards sustainable development in various energy and environmental sectors of Pakistan and abroad.