Message from Head Of Department
Last updated on June 21st, 2020

Dr. Junaid Imtiaz

Head of Department

Electrical Engineering

Guided by the motto of Bahria University, “Committed to Excellence in Higher Education”, our department’s vision is to be recognized for high-quality educational programs and research through focused activities and excellence of its faculty, staff, graduates and facilities. We will achieve this vision through fostering the education of students and by contributing to the base of electrical engineering research.

Electrical Engineering is the largest and one of the most diverse technological field in the world. It encompasses many exciting technologies such as microelectronics, digital signal processing, mobile communications and power systems which have been among the fastest growing and most challenging technologies that enable the development of the modern information-based society. The department not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also encourage students to undergo internships and professional trainings. As a result, our students acquire critical thinking capabilities as well as practical skills.

Our graduating engineers enjoy a nationwide reputation for bringing immediate value to their employers and for having a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The passion for education and knowledge shared by our faculty members is evident in their classrooms and laboratories. Extra-curricular activities are organized by the technical and social societies including IEEE and ACM Bahria Student Chapter. The students have a very good record of participating and winning awards and prizes in competitions at national and international level.

Please feel to free to contact us or visit our website where you will find detailed information about our graduate and undergraduate programs, our faculty members, research groups, and the broad range of activities underway in the Department.