Dr. Imtiaz Alam
Last updated on June 10th, 2020
Name Dr. Imtiaz Alam
Email ialam.buic@bahria.edu.pk
Phone +92-51-9260002 Ext: 1452
Research Area Antennas and wave propagation at UHF and VHF

Signal Strength Analysis

Meteorological Investigation

Refractivity variations and their effects on propagation

Parabolic Equation Method

Number of Publications 15
Designation Associate Professor
Department Department of Electrical Engineering
University Bahria University Islamabad Campus
PhD 2015 Propagation at UHF/VHF University of Leicester, UK
MS 2008 Telecommunication and Networking Bahria University, Islamabad
BSc Electrical Engineering 2003 Communication Group University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar
Associate Professor July 2018 Present Bahria University, Islamabad
Senior Assistant Professor Aug 2015 June 2018 Bahria University, Islamabad
Postgraduate Researcher Sep 2009 Sep 2014 University of Leicester, UK
Lecturer Apr 2005 Sept 2009 Bahria University, Islamabad
Assistant Developer (Electronics) Sept 2003 Apr 2005 Bavo Zulu International, at Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, Kamra
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Honors & Awards

  • HEC Approved Supervisor
  • HEC PhD Scholarship Holder for UK, 2009.


  • Pakistan Engineering Council
  • HERC, BU
  • FRC, BU (Former Secretary)
  • CAC, BU (Former Secretary)
  • DRC, BU (Secretary)
  • FBOS, BU
  • Post-graduate program coordinator – EE, BUIC.

Supervision of Students

S. No. Year Thesis/ Dissertation Title Degree Name of student
1 2017 The effect of refractivity with evaporation duct at different frequencies and path lengths MSEE Luqman Ali
2 2017 The Analysis of surface wave guide for propagating of radio waves in UHF band. MSEE Saima Gull
3 2017 Performace of nano composites for high voltage insulation under dc stress MSEE Rashid Iqbal
4 2017 Economic dispatch using hybrid of differential evolution and water cycle algorithm MSEE Hammad Aslam
5 2016 Intelligent vehicular Accident prevention system

(Funded by National ICT R&D Fund)

BEE Muhammad Waqas
6 2016 Improvisation of security systems using RFID technology BEE M Ahad Ali

University and Public Service Activities

  • PGP Coordinator (EE) – Major responsibility includes overseeing of postgraduate program of Electrical Engineering department at Bahria University Islamabad

Selected Professional Presentations/ Seminars

  • Seminar on Atmospheric propagations phenomena attended by Faculty members/students of all departments of Bahria University Islamabad campus in December 2017.
  • Seminar on Techniques in radio propagation, attended by Faculty members/students of all departments of Bahria University Islamabad campus in April 2016.
  • Seminar on Anomalous Propagation, attended by Faculty members of all departments of Bahria University Islamabad campus in January 2016.
  • Seminar on Propagation and Atmosphere, attended by Faculty members of all departments of Bahria University Islamabad campus in December 2015