Director’s Message
Last updated on September 27th, 2018


Commodore Zahid Iqbal SI(M) Director Campus

Dear Students,


I am privileged and honored to take this opportunity and extend my warm felicitations to each of you and welcome you to Bahria University Islamabad Campus. Established in 2000, even as a young academic unit Bahria University has carved a niche for itself in academia as a progressive and an enterprising institution with diversified contribution to the country. The university’s constituent units have been equipped with updated technology and with curricula that is meeting international standards. There is an opening for you to harness your abilities for academics and research to hold a competitive edge for global outreach. You will be provided with prospects to understand industrial demands with our industrial linkages, Career Office and Career Counseling Sessions. You will find numerous opportunities to extend your learning and research inside and outside the classroom. I will advise you to use every opportunity to venture beyond your comfort zone and take an active part in your education and extra-curricular activities.


Bahria University Islamabad Campus has a picturesque and peaceful location. It has a vibrant atmosphere for students with indoor and outdoor activities, sports and gymnasium, multiple cafeterias and a female hostel. The Campus has 10 departments with enthusiastic faculty. Your role as a student of Bahria University is very crucial in the life and future of this institution. You have the responsibility of maintaining and contributing to the legacy and ensuring the future of those who will follow in your footsteps.



Very best wishes for a healthy, happy and productive period of study.