Procedure for Final Year Project/Thesis

Degree Project Definition:

  • Bachelor Level students are recommended to work in group (individually can also be done). Maximum number of student(s) for a hardware project is four, if approved by Degree project approval committee.
  • Master level project will preferably done as individual but in case of large project, maximum of two students will be allowed on approval of Degree project approval committee.
  • In case of two or more students, the project work must be clearly defined for each individual.
  • This is a 6 credit hour course (divided into two semesters, (3 credit hour/semester) and be shall be graded as other modules in the semester.
  • In the first semester of registration of the degree project, APPROVED project proposal must be submitted along with two monthly reports to the supervisor.
  • In the second semester of the degree project (hardware/software), two monthly reports, along with degree project report, must be submitted for evaluation with the dates specified.

Instruction for Students:

  • FORM-A, FORM-B (FORM-1, if applicable), must be submitted by individual or group registering for degree project.
  • Complete up-to-date transcript of all semester, prior to the semester registering the degree project must be attached by all the individuals in a specific group.
  • All members of the group MUST signed [Line 15 of Form B] this form (else shall not be considered as part of the group registering the degree project)
  • Project Deadlines as stated to be followed strictly.
  • Display of your degree project work at Bahria University Open House (BU-OH) is mandatory; degree project shall not be marked otherwise.
  • If the project is not completed in the time specified. The individuals and each member in a case of group have to register their project for the academic year and pay the full fee.
  • Student not showing his/her project progress for two consecutive weeks, his/her absence shall be reported to the concerned head of department for further actions.
  • Student not showing his/her project progress for five weeks, his/her registration for the project shall stand cancelled and he/she will be required to re-register with payment of full fee.
  • Student should inform to the project coordinator about continuous non-availability of the supervisor.
  • Using an extra-sheet where ever needed while answering to the questions in Form B. [ To be submitted – hand-written]

Evaluation of the Project

  • Continuous evaluation of the project will be done by the concerned supervisor. 20% marks of the total evaluation are allocated for submission of regular monthly progress report.
  • On the completion of the project the marks distribution will be allocated as mention below:
    • – Regular monthly progress report — 20
    • – Presentation & Demonstration — 40
    • – Project Report — 40
  • Project will be finally evaluated by the following:Award List will be signed by the external examiner, internal examiner, supervisor and head of the department.
    • – External examiner
    • – Internal examiner
    • – Supervisor
  • One internal examiner will be appointed by the head of department from the current regular faculty of the University.
  • External examiners will be called for evaluation from the approved list of examiners by the Bahria University, Islamabad.
  • External Examiners will be mostly appointed from reputed industries/academic institutions on recommendation of Head of Department.

Instruction for Supervisor:

  • It is advised that supervisor and the concerned student(s) shall meet at least one hour per week.
  • Per week schedule should be displayed outside the office of the concerned supervisor.
  • Project file shall be checked once per semester.
  • Project file must contain all FOUR progress report submitted by individual/group.
  • Before final submission of Project file, supervisor is requested to ensure it contains monthly progress report of every student.
  • Project file for each project is to be maintained by the concerned supervisor.
  • Timely Warnings in writing should be issued to the students for not showing any progress of the project and also be notified to the project coordinator.