Last modified on: April 7th, 2023
Last updated on April 7th, 2023

Joint Seminar of Computer Engineering Department and National Institute of Electronics

A joint seminar on Semiconductor Chip Design Technology was arranged by Computer Engineering Department in collaboration with National Institute of Electronics (NIE) on 07 December 2022.

Workshop on Resume Writing and Professional Development 22th Sep 2022


Writing effective CVs is an essential skill for students. This skill helps them in securing a decent job and make progress in their careers. In this connection a workshop on Resume Writing and Professional Development was organized on 22th Sept 2022 by the IEEE CS Society for the Computer Engineering Students. Mr Muhammad Sheraz, who is a seasoned professional involved in human resource development working as People Development Executive at Leverify LLC, conducted the workshop. The students not only learnt to write effective CVs but also got a feedback on their CVs and Resumes. Such events and workshops are very important for student learning and grooming

Visit to National Center of Physics (NCP)


Industrial visit to NCP was carried out with an objective to make students aware about how various systems (related to physics, engineering and human resource) are currently operating in the industry and to give them feel of technical work as soon as they start their career.

Open Source Foundation of Pakistan Summit 

Open Source Foundation Pakistan in collaboration with Bahria University Islamabad organized the Open Source Summit on 18th December 2015. Representatives from leading organizations and institutions, from both industry and academia, participated in the summit. The day long event comprised of various workshops and seminars discussing the challenges and opportunities in adoption of Open Source in the software ecosystem of Pakistan.

Bahria Youth Technothon 7-13 March 2016

Bahria Youth Technothon 2016 (BYTE’16) was a mega event organized by Bahria University Islamabad to provide a platform for the youth to show their talent by competing with each other. BYTE is an initiative taken by the Bahria University Islamabad in order to engage the students of different universities and colleges in healthy academic and non-academic activities.


Department of Computer Engineering at BUIC took the lead in the organization of this event with other departments chipped in with their support. The aim of this event is to bridge the gap between idea and innovation. With over 2000 young minds coming together in one place from 75 different universities and colleges around the country, the event became a hub of knowledge, ideas, innovation and recreation. The event nurtured the spirit of entrepreneurship and social development. BYTE hosted a total of 26 competitions which were categorized into 5 major groups namely Technical, Theme, Open Challenge, Sports and Social events including BYTE’16 event was launched with a magnificent opening ceremony in which Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms, Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, graced the event as Chief Guest. Other distinguished guests included Mr. Salim Rafique DG(Operations) NADRA. The presentation of graphical promos and preparatory videos added colours to the ceremony. The shout outs from technical industry leaders as well as legends from sports and entertainment industries to participate in BYTE’16 and highlighting its importance and scale motivated the audience. Chief Organizer BYTE’16 Dr. Shehzad Khalid gave an introduction to the overall events and different competitions. Pro-Rector Bahria University highlighted the importance that the Bahria University gives to the organization of events like BYTE that fosters a competitive environment both in curricular and extra-curricular domains and enhances both technical as well as soft skills of the students. Prof. Ahsan Iqbal, Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms gave a comprehensive talk to motivate youth to come forward and participate in the nation building activities. He also highlighted the important of CPEC as an opportunity where the students can be creative enough to generate revenues both for themselves and also for the nation.


A strong emphasis in BYTE was on technical activities, which involved activities such as Project Exhibition, Microcontroller Interfacing, Programming Freak, speed wiring, Mathletics and Robothon. Project Exhibition by itself was a completely project expo which attracted projects both from hardware and software categories. Despite of torrential rain on a given day, 57 projects participated in the exhibition. Leaders from technical industry and CEOs of various companies visited the expo. These includes but not limited to DG NADRA, DG NTC, CEO Falcon Engineering, President Computer Society of Pakistan, Chairman and founding members of OSFP, CEO Jotla Technologies (Owner of more than 100 technical companies) etc. The event also included motivational talks by these industrial leaders to the participants guiding them the way forward. The support of National ICT R&D Fund in the organization of technical event is highly acknowledged.


Open challenge events were also organized that included Brain Teaser, X-factor, scavenger hunt, and minute to win it. The open challenge events were targeted towards exposing the talent of individuals to a larger audience. Theme based events were proven to a good way to seek the hidden talents from the youth. They helped in bringing out the most creative minds dwelling in different alma maters. The theme based events organized during BYTE’16 included photography, poetry, sketching, declamations and e-gaming competition.


In the time of technology when our youth is unfortunately stuck with gadgets, sports events are the best way to motivate the youth to give their body the respect it deserves. Sports Events included Basketball, Badminton, Futsal, Volleyball and Table tennis. To conduct all these events here at our campus gymnasium, our Byte team spent weeks in planning, scheduling and in the procurement of the necessary equipment.


Last but not the least, social events were organized that included musical concert, entertainment night and spring festival. Spring festival was comprised of attractive game stalls for the students, food corners, rides and shooting area. The festival attracted a lot of audience and became the center of fun related activities. The event came to an end with a night to create a memorial impact.


A theme based dinner for all the organizers and winners from each competition was the last treat from us. The event ended with a graceful closing ceremony. Dr. Ismail Shah, Chairman PTA and CEO ICT R&D fund graced the occasion as a chief guest. Pro-Rector and Registrar Bahria University also graced the event with their presence. The event was attended by organizers, participants of the competitions, representatives from government organizations and industry, Directors Bahria university, Head of Departments and students. The highlights of the events were displayed on a nicely edited videos of different event. The winners and runner-up of different event were announced and the shields/trophies were given by the chief guest to the winners.


NUST was announced as the winner of the event as they had the maximum number of teams coming as winners or runner ups in different events. Bahria University by itself was not eligible for Best University Award being the host university.

Bahria emerges as hub of Robotics in Pakistan


The confluence of advanced technologies has brought the era of Robotics nearer and yet smaller, cheaper, more practical and cost-effective. Robots doing household and industrial chores are an inevitable reality of todays’ world.


Pakistan being technologically impaired until the last decade had no substantial research in the domain of Robotics and Automation. In recent times, the eagerness of adapting the newly invented technologies of the modern world has made Pakistan stand out and right among the front rows of the most developed countries like Japan, China and USA. This reality is evident by the fact that a team from Pakistan has qualified for one of the most prestigious event of Robotics world, RoboCup@Home. Only 24 teams from all over the world have qualified for the event this year.


The international robots competition, RoboCup@Home, is about to hit off soon which is being held annually since 1997. The main aim is to promote the research in the areas of human-robot interaction and co-operation, computer vision, navigation, object-recognition and manipulation etc. RoboCup@Home competition consists of benchmark tests that the robots have to solve in a given scenario of a basic home environment. This will help to develop service assistive robot technology with high relevance for future domestic and personal applications. RoboCup@Home is one of major leagues of RoboCup, which includes RoboCup@Work, RoboCup Rescue, RoboCup Junior and RoboCup Standard Platform League.The team ‘Machinilog’ from Bahria University Islamabad, which is one of the leading institutes in Science and Technology – after indigenously designing a robot has successfully qualified for the RoboCup@Home 2016. The team comprises of five under-graduate engineering students, Haseeb Aslam (team lead), Tahir Mehmood, Basit Akram, Osama Ahmed and Hamza Hakeem along with two mentors, Arsalan Akhter and Ammar Ajmal.“Qualification is unquestionably a milestone in our journey of RoboCup@Home competition. It is the result of tireless efforts of the team and interminable support from our mentors that we have qualified. We hope to do well in the competition.” said Haseeb Aslam, the team lead of ‘Machinilog’.


In order to qualify for this specific league, the teams are supposed to design robot capable of performing some benchmark tasks in a given scenario of a basic home environment. Furthermore, they have to submit a qualification video of working of the robot along with a team description paper describing their work to the RoboCup Federation. All of these are assessed on the amount of scientific contributions, design techniques, creativity and innovation involved in the designing of the robots.
“I know for a fact that this team could do wonders, if provided with the right infrastructure and resources required.” said Arsalan Akhter, project supervisor.


“I have seen students spend numerous nights at the university. I am glad that their efforts have proved to be fruitful in the form the qualification. I wish them best of luck for the event.” said Prof. Dr. Shehzad Khalid – Head of Computer Engineering Department.


Rector BUIC, Mr. Tanveer Faiz HI (M) added; “The fact that the students from all disciplines of academia are excelling, gives me an immense pleasure. Such events have proved that Bahria University being started as a Business and Management Institute has now grown into a full fledge knowledge base and ground vehicle for excellence in all the modern fields of academic domains. ”
Undoubtedly, Pakistan has all the intellectual capacity it needs to transform from an underdeveloped country into a developed one. The real question still remains, how the government regards this positive change?