Last modified on: November 17th, 2015
Last updated on November 17th, 2015

To recognize and provide opportunities for talented students of Bahria University by conducting extra- curricular activities on National/International levels. Hence, clubs would only be dealing with the student’s extra curricular activities and their personality development to make them self groomed individuals when they enter the corporate world.

There will be six clubs covering 6 different areas of activities. The activities related to each club are placed in the Academic Calendar and will be worked out during the semester. Each club will be having a complete team working for their related activities during the semester.

Format of Clubs

  • Chief Coordinator —- 1
  • Deputy Coordinator —- 1
  • Team Members (rotational) —– 50

Functionality of Clubs

Media Club

  • Rector’s bid/interviews
  • Newsletter
  • Magazine
  • Radio Stations
  • Electronic Boards
  • Notice Boards
  • Press Releases


Recognizing the need and importance of co curricular a department was set into place at both Bahria University Islamabad and Karachi.SRC is not just a department but a partner in student character enhancement.

Dramatics and Debates Club

  • Inter-university Debates competitions
  • Inter Regional Debates
  • Inter-university/Regional Dramatics Competition

Literary and Arts Club

  • Musical Evenings
  • Painting
  • Poetry Competitions
  • Home Science Activities (Cooking, Sewing, Fashion Shows)

Events Club

  • Seminars
  • Fresher’s Night
  • Spring Festival
  • Pakistan Day
  • Grandparents Open House Competition
  • Concert

Sports Club

  • Student Excursion Trips
  • Inter-university Sports Competition
  • Inter-regional Sports Competition

IT Club

  • Software Competitions
  • Quiz Competition
  • IT Club Exhibitions
  • Workshop
  • Job Fairs