MediaTics – Video Retrieval Solutions

(Funded by IGNITE National Technology Fund)

With the tremendous increase in the amount of multimedia data in general and video databases in particular has increased the need for effective indexing and retrieval mechanisms. In most cases, video retrieval is based on user assigned tags and not on the actual content of the video. The proposed research is aimed at developing a content based video indexing and retrieval system. The caption text appearing in videos will be used as the primary index while the audio content in these videos will serve as the secondary index. Once the videos are indexed, user may then provide a query keyword and retrieve all the frames of all the videos containing the text or/and spoken occurrences of the provided word.


Imran Siddiqi, Project DirectorPhD (CS), France

Expertise: Image Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Image and Video Retrieval


Shehzad Khalid, Co-DirectorPhD (CE), UK

Expertise: Computer Vision, Biomedical Image Processing, Natural Language Processing

Ahmad Salman, Team-Lead (SEECS-NUST)PhD (CS), UK

Expertise: Speech Processing, Computer Vision


Team A: Video Retrieval 
M. Aatif(Developer) Osama Zeeshan(Developer) Ali Mirza(PhD Scholar)
Umar Hayat(MS Student) Manghanghir(BS Student) Saim Danish(BS Student)