Maqami is a two sided food and eatery discovery platform primarily focused on planning Dine outs. Maqami has a facilitation side and a Social Networking side to it.

Primarily, Maqami empower people to; Discover any particular item or items in town. For the first time in World, Maqami is enabling people to plan dine out in real time, according to their required Food & Budget, Yes, we are enabling people to generate bill of any eatery in town even before visiting it. With the advance Pre-searched ‘Collections’ finding Best ‘Pizza Place’ or ‘Burger Place’ or other categories of eateries is made easy enough to get the results with in ‘2’ clicks. Discoverability of eateries based on location, facilities, Discounts, Price, Popularity, seating capacity and many other parameters are insured on Maqami.

And for the action they can ‘Book a party’ or ‘Reserve a table’ at any restaurant.

Furthermore Maqami with its Social Networking features enables users to enjoy the privilege of interacting with Eateries on Maqami via, Reviewing and Rating the eatery, Posting Photo, Planning Dine outs with friends, etc.

Maqami also empowers businesses in the food domain to list their eatery be it, Casual Dining, Lavish dinning, Take Away only or Home Based. And the benefits they can get from their existence on Maqami includes, Increased Discoverability, Increased chances of growing business. Businesses can interact with customers and users and convert them into paying customers by using our Party Booking, Banner ads Table reservation and Deals selling features.

By bringing Users and Businesses together Maqami is empowering businesses in the food domain to increase their market share while using different features of Discoverability, Advertising and Lead generation and in the same time users can benefits from smart features designed to facilitate them in Dine out planning.




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