Hycom ( Health, Hygiene and Comfort)  is an antiseptic toilet seat cover designed to reduce wastage and provide convenience to the user while using public toilets. Majority of Public toilets lack the availability of proper hygienic products, and if they are available (toilet rolls) they cannot cater to the needs of the user resulting in wastage. Hycom constitutes of a layer of dissolvable/flexible paper with a layer of antibacterial solution, which can easily cover/be placed on the seat without the user getting into contact with the seat, and dissolves into the water when flushed.  Our main focus was to introduce a product that is not only hygienic, budget friendly but also is portable and easy to carry. Hycom aims to tackle widespread diseases in slums of rural and urban segments across Pakistan arising due to the lack of such hygienic products in the said areas. The Said product is in its prototype development phase and Hycom has acquired the design and patented right of the its prototype.


Saad Sajid


Mohsin Anwar