Project Title:

ELearning System to Assist Elementary Education, Response Analysis and Early Detection of Psychological Disorders among Students

Worth of project 12.1 million Funded by ICT R ND D (Ignite)

Time Duration: 15 Month

Current Progress: Working on Third Quarter.

This project will develop uniform educational content for preschoolers to class5. This content will be based on different sources (Punjab text book, national book foundation, oxford and cambridge) after doing deep analysis and identifications the flaws in these sources. This e-content will be digitalized and published online such as LMS. This system will be like as open-school. It will be a unique platform that will be functioning in remote and rural areas.

S.No Name Role in this Project Highest Qualification Experience Skills
1 Muhammad Ansar Professional Researcher (Project Manager) MS Software EngineeringMS Project Management Research Assistant-5 monthResearch Associate 1 year

Visiting Faculty 6 month

ProgrammingData Analysis

Project Management

2 SumairaShafiq Project Manager MS Software Engineering Visiting Faculty 1 year ProgrammingGraphics Designing

Web Development

3 Maria Hanif Professional Researcher MS Software Engineering Teaching (3 years) ProgrammingResearch Data Analysis
4 Attiya Professional Researcher MS Computer Science(In progress) 3D Animation and Simulation Unity 3D, Programming
5 Waqas Ahmad Research Assistant (Developer) MS Software Engineering (In progress) ProgrammingWeb and Android App Development Web DevelopmentProgramming (C#, C++, Java)
6 Shahryar Shahid Research Assistant (Game Developer) MS in Information Security(In progress) Web Development
7 SanumZaffar Research Assistant MS Software Engineering (In progress) Teaching ProgramingAnimation development
8 Kinza Faisal Jamal Research Assistant MS Software Engineering (In progress) Programming (Python)Video and Graphics Editing
9 Sadia Akram Internee MS Software Engineering (In progress) Teaching (6 month) Video and Graphics EditingAnimation
10 Maha Butt Internee MS Computer Science (In progress) Teaching (2 years) Graphics Designing
11 SohailJaved Internee BS SE Android Development Game Development