Business Accelerator Program

Business Accelerator Program offers a 5-months tailor-made program for later-stage startups looking to go beyond the development of their product by scaling their business. They provide the support and resources necessary to building a sustainable company and scaling up every aspect of the business.

The program that takes place twice a year, consists of a series of hands-on, practical workshops in key areas of knowledge for starting entrepreneurs (Business Model, Sales, Marketing, Finance, practical aspects) and includes sparring sessions with experts from diverse backgrounds.


Entrepreneurship is a profession in its own right, and to be successful you need to learn a lot of very fundamental things you’re likely not even aware of today.  This intensive program will give you a crash course in these fundamentals of entrepreneurship.


The main objective of the Business Acceleration program is to guide startups step by step and help them make quick progress on their project – if their project hasn’t progressed in a while, we’ll definitely help them move forward.

Most importantly, we focus on practice, not on theory – so incubatee will try all of the things we’ll be talking about, and they will have fantastic opportunities to discuss their project with experts, experienced entrepreneurs and potential investors and get personalized, in-depth feedback from them.

The pre- startup program addresses these main objectives.

  • Product validation- market validation
  • Team development
  • A duly approved coherent smart business plan
  • A product/service ready to be offered to the market (validated prototype).
  • Elevator pitch