Dr. Sajid Ali
Category: Faculty
Published on: April 2, 2020,
Personal Information
Campus Islamabad  
Department Business Studies
Designation Assistant Professor
Name Dr. Sajid Ali
Email sajidali.buic@bahria.edu.pk
Phone (Office EXT) +92-51-111111028 EXT 
Research Area Finance
Number of Publications Journals = 16
Conferences = 02
Degree Passing Year Majors University
Postdoctoral Fellowship 2017 Finance MBS, France
Ph.D. 2017 Finance UMT, Malaysia
MS 2014 Finance COMSATS University, Islamabad
MBA 2010 Finance Bahria University, Islamabad
Teaching Experience
Designation From To Organization
Assistant Professor February 2018 Till Date Bahria University Islamabad
Lecturer September 2011 June 2012 Prince Salman College of Commerce Islamabad
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2 Naveed Raza, Sajid Ali, Syed Jawad Hussain Shahzad, Mobeen Ur Rehman, and Aneel Salman. “Can alternative hedging assets add value to Islamic-conventional portfolio mix: Evidence from MGARCH models.” Resources Policy 61 (2019): 210-230. (JCR Impact Factor: 3.185)
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1 Sajid Ali, and Ahmad Ibn Ibrahimy. “Stock Markets’ Efficiency: A Comparative Analysis of Islamic and Conventional Stock Markets.” Presented in the Seminar in Accounting, Business and Finance (SABF), Kuala Terengganu, 01 August 2015 (Malaysia).
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