Category: Past Events
Published on: November 11, 2016


Islamabad: Bahria University has launched Student Support Centre (SSC) and Well-Being Centre (WBC) on 10th November, 2016 at Islamabad Campus. Rector of Bahria University, Vice Admiral Tanveer Faiz HI (M)(Retired) has inaugurated the Well-being Centre at BUIC.

Well-Being Centre (WBC)  aims at providing best counseling services to the Bahria University Faculty, Students and Staff as well as to the community and general public in order to promote better mental health among individuals. In the present scenario of Pakistan, the psychological problems are rising with the time and traumatic events and experiences of individuals are increasing with the severe frequency. The intensity of psychological trauma is rising. So it is a need of time to address this issue on national level to improve the mental and physical health of individuals. Well-being center will promote healthy environment within university premises and will focus to indulge international bodies to widen the horizon and credibility of their functionality. Individuals can overcome their distress and can enhance their potential through well-being center.

Student Support Centre (SSC) aims at providing necessary information to the students and support them in academic and non-academic activities of university. SSC comprised of Student Resource Centre, Student Facilitation Centre and Community Support Program. SRC will help the students to maximize their true potential by participating in extra-curricular activities and polish their talents and skills by organizing workshops outside university premises whereas the Student Facilitation Centre is established to facilitate students in their academic and non-academic issues by addressing to the relevant queries in order to provide them ease and academic guidance.