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Published on: November 2, 2016

Convocation ceremony of Bahria University Islamabad Campus is scheduled to be held on 28 November 2016.  Students of following entries who have completed all the degree requirements are eligible to attend:  List of Eligible graduating students,

  1. PhDs All Successful
  2. MS/MPhil programmes Spring 2014 Entry
  3. MS (MS, Finance) programme Fall 2014 Entry
  4. MBA (1.5 Yr) programme Fall 2014 Entry
  5. MBA (2 Yrs) programme Spring 2014 Entry
  6. MBA (3.5 Yrs) programme Fall 2012 Entry
  7. Bachelor programmes Spring 2012 Entry
  8. LLB programme Spring 2011 Entry

Graduating students are required to confirm participation by filling-in “on-line registeration form and submitting the same alongwith Rs.2500/- as registration fee in the Account Section of the campus.  Last date for registration is 21 November 2016.  Please attach photocopies of NICs of your guests with registration form

Please note that no request for registration shall be entertained after the closing date.

For updates on convocation, please visit this web site regularly.

Deputy Director (Academics)

(051) 9260002/216, 217 & 234