BU response on some false news under circulation in media
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Published on: September 29, 2019

In response to some false stories circulating in social and the traditional media, following facts are being issued for record:

1. Our Student Ms. Haleema after the unfortunate accident was immediately evacuated to PIMS for treatment under the supervision of University Doctors & Paramedical Staff.

  • Ms. Haleema throughout was conscious and responded to all queries.
  • Her parents and family joined her at PIMS and remained with her till her unfortunate death. Her friends who were present at the place of accident also reached hospital.
  • During the period of her four hours stay at PIMS, she remained fully conscious for over three hours and talked to her parents and family as well as underwent vital tests and all necessary treatment under the supervision of PIMS qualified doctors. Prescribed Medicines/Injections not available at PIMS were immediately arranged and provided.
  • One hour prior to death, her condition started to deteriorate and she didn’t recover despite full and uninterrupted medical treatment, and she breathed her last at around 4:30 pm at PIMS (& not on way to CMH. Repeat- not on way to CMH!)
  • The Student’s dead body was subsequently shifted to the mortuary of Naval Hospital with the consent of & in company of her parents.
  • All arrangements required for the treatment, funeral and burial were made by the university.

2. With respect to the condition of the building, it is clarified that

  • The Civil Works inside the building were completed before commencement of classes, along with provision of all necessary furniture & teaching aids. Classrooms were ready in all respects
  • The place from where the student Haleema fell is neither a fenceless balcony nor the ducts for the lifts. Rather it is a platform with proper railing dedicated for the geysers and passage of sewerage and water pipes, outside an un-occupied faculty office.
  • Death Certificate issued by PIMS is attached.

In order to provide solace to the family & lessen their suffering, it is requested that we all refrain from spreading baseless rumors please!

– Management Bahria University

Death Certificate

Official Letter